Ghost Guide Daniel Cumerlato

Daniel (aka Daniel Cumerlato)

Daniel has been a paranormal enthusiast since starting in ghost investigation and founding Haunted Hamilton (the 2nd oldest paranormal website in Canada) back in 1999. He lives and breathes true ghost stories, legends, and has an obsession with dark history. This passion is infused in every story he tells, on every tour.

His experience in paranormal investigation gives him a unique perspective on the real nature of true ghosts. He loves sharing this knowledge with anyone who is willing to listen. Go ahead, ask him anything... ghost related of course!

For over a decade's time, Daniel has had many ghostly experiences that cannot be explained, many of which occurred while leading the walks. It makes him believe he invited the ghostly happenings… something you'll never get him to say out loud.

Ghost Guide George Sanford

Ghost Guide George (aka George Sanford)

George Sanford is an actor, composer, choreographer, poet and playwright. He has been a performer for more than forty years and has been on stage, radio, T.V. and video.

He has a wealth of stage experience and theatre knowledge. He was one of the creators of the Sheridan College Music Theatre Program and has taught theatre arts at all levels of education.

His business background is extensive and he has found a unique and exciting way to combine his love and skill in the arts to the changing landscape of business and industry, in both the private and public sectors.

Lady Kassandra of Niagara-on-the-Lake

Lady Kassandra (aka Barbara Walsh)

With a swirl of her silver-lined cape and her crystal tarantula hairpin shining in the moonlight, Lady Kassandra enjoys leading her group on a tour of Niagara, giving graphic details of the darker and more gory stories about this historic town.

The abundance of her relatives enjoying eternal rest in the local cemeteries guarantees a safe journey for those who follow her through the darkened streets. When not relaying tales of the area's bloody and ghostly history, she has performed in plays, comedies and musicals at local theatres.

She grew up on a farm in Niagara and has lived in Toronto, Montreal, and London, England, before returning here to the Niagara Region. She feels she has done her “ghost guide best” when her entire group jumps during one of her tales!

Ghost Guide Alexander

Ghost Guide Alexander (aka Alex Holjevac)

Alex Holjevac has been a storyteller his whole life. An avid traveller, he has enjoyed sharing secrets and whispers with kindred spirits across the globe.

A proud Hamilton native, Alex considers it an honour to share with others a part of our history. Through the Ghost Walks Alex has found a medium to deliver his own style of ghostly lore. Playing to your energy, with fanciful detail and a flair for mystery, he transforms these stories into real experiences.

Alex believes there is truth in exploring our deepest fears and that those fears stir something deep within old soul looking for new life.

Lady Gwen of Niagara-on-the-Lake

Lady Gwen (aka Melissa Mottola)

Dressed in her vintage black and white cloak and signature red lipstick, Lady Gwen prides herself on making her Ghost Walk guest's blood run cold! A lover of theater since highschool she has also taken part in various community theater productions in her hometown of Toronto.

The paranormal has also been an interest of hers. Her great grandmother was a spirit writer. Lady Gwen has had ghostly experiences including an encounter at Drummond Hill Cemetary in Niagara Falls.

"Scary stories are always fun to tell, and I love to scare the pants off people! I also always make sure my guests have a good laugh, and learn a little something too!" Lady Gwen looks forward to meeting you and providing you with ghostly evening you won't soon forget.

Ghost Guide Sir Bob of Niagara-on-the-Lake

Ghost Guide Sir Bob (aka David Green)

“Sir Bob” (David Green) is an actor, comedian, writer and lover of all things spooky. Originally from Nottingham, England, David has been entertaining audiences across the globe ever since beginning his acting career playing the titular character in the elementary school production of “Johnny Appleseed”.

With his quick wit and silly wordplay, he has established himself as one of the most promising young comedians currently working in Canada. He hosts his own weekly comedy room in downtown St. Catharines and produces numerous charitable events and fundraisers.

When not making people laugh, “Sir Bob” is busy scaring the pants off of people so be sure to keep your belt buckles tightened!