2007 Halloween Costume Ball


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Many Thanks to Everyone for another Successful Event!!!

The word is that our 6th Annual Halloween Costume Ball was the best year yet! We'd like to thank the following people for making this year's event a huge success:

  • Steve Lechniak (Stephanie's dad) for taking these fabulous photos
  • Cathy Lechniak (Stephanie's mum) for her help with the food and much of the preparation for the event (running around picking up everything). She also made the amazing meatballs and potato salad too!
  • Ghost Guides James Pettitt and George Sanford for their dramatic presentation and being the MC's for the evening.
  • Lady Gwendolyn Marsh (Lacey Benedetti) for her portrayal of the Dark Lady during the presentation
  • Ian Walker, of the Workers Arts & Heritage Centre, for his help thoughout the evening to make sure things ran smoothly.
  • Our incredible baristas for the evening, Anna Pavlacic and Leanne Pluthero McDonald.
  • Our awesome volunteers Mark Carreiro, John Howie, Brandi Toth, Kate and Andrew Kingston, Marcelle Anderson, Bliss Robitaille, Amanda Patterson and Gary Pluthero
  • Our DJ for the evening who brought down the Customs House with his sweet tunes!

A HUGE Thank You to our event sponsors who donated very generous gift prizes including:

  • Ghost TV, who donated 4, 19" LCD TV's
  • The Casablanca Winery Inn, who donated an overnight stay in a mini-suite
  • The Putting Edge, Burlington, for donating a Two for One pass for everyone in attendance
  • SOF Paintball, for donating 4 prize packs
  • African Lion Safari, for donating two tickets for the 2008 season
  • The Corktown Pub for donating $40 worth of Gift Certificates and T-shirts
  • The Hamilton Port Authority, for donating 4 passes for the Hamiltonian Harbour Boat Tour
  • The Art Gallery of Hamilton, for donating a family pass to the Exhibits
  • Cafe Limoncello, for dontating a $20 gift certificate
  • NLX: Natasha Alexandra for her autographed CD's and t-shirts (www.natashaalexandra.com)
  • Twitchcraft for donating many CD's (www.myspace.com/twitchcraft)

Last but not least, to everyone who attended the event, making it a huge success!

~ Stephanie and Daniel Cumerlato
Founding Partners of Haunted Hamilton

Please enjoy the pictures taken from this year's event!

The Haunted Hamilton Gang!

Your hosts, Stephanie & Daniel

Welcoming our Guests

Haunted Hamilton's Stephanie Cumerlato

Haunted Hamilton's Daniel Cumerlato

Stephanie and Ghost Guide George


Ghost Guide George with Anna

Anna, our amazing barista

Stephanie's Dad, Steve taking the photos

Stephanie and Anna

Stephanie and Leanne

Stephanie and Leanne

Stephanie with Mark

Stephanie and Lady Gwendolyn (Lacey)

Ghost Guide James and Lady Gwendolyn

Daniel with Amanda, Bliss and Brandi

Dan with Mark and James

Stephanie with James and Mark

Stephanie with Gina, Seika and Edd

Stephanie and John

Stephanie and the Dead Dude

Daniel, James and John

Marcy with Ghost Guide George

Anna and Leanne, our fabulous bartenders

Stephanie with Ghost Guide Mark as the Joker

Our DJ for the evening

Stephanie with Gizmo and Spike

Marcy, Kate and Andrew

Anna in George's Top Hat

Stephanie with Ian
Introduction and Dramatic Presentation
With Ghost Guides James Pettitt and George Sanford and Lady Gwendolyn Marsh (Lacey Benedetti)


The Amazing Costumes!
The Many Costume Prizes
Dancing the Night Away...
The Food!
The Witching Hour Ceremony
Video Clips

Mark, as the Joker, dancing the night away!

The dancing crowd

Presentation on the Dark Lady that haunts the Customs House, with Ghost Guides George
and James and Lady Gwendolyn Marsh (Lacey)

(Sorry for the poor quality on this. The room was really dark, so i tried to brighten the clip a bit)


Many thanks to everyone! Hope to see you next year!!!

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