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Founded in 1999
Haunted Hamilton is
one of the oldest
paranormal groups
in all of Canada!

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Upcoming Tours and Ghost Walks
Hermitage Ruins Ghost Walk
Buffalo Naval Park Haunted Bus Trip
Friday October 3rd, 2014
This Haunted Bus Trip experience features 3 very historic and haunted military wonders located in Buffalo. The entire park will be open to you! Featuring a Battleship, Destroyer and Submarine. As seen on TV's Ghost Hunters!

Trip is 70% booked ~ Get your tickets soon!

Upcoming Paranormal Events
Haunted Hamilton's Halloween Costume Ball
The 2014 Halloween Costume Ball
Saturday, October 25th, 2014
Join the Interest List & be first to know!
An air of mystery in the rite of freemasonry surrounds The Scottish Rite Cathedral, the very haunted location of the
2014 Halloween Costume Ball!

Upcoming Tours and Ghost Walks
Niagara-on-the-Lake Ghost Walk Canada's Most Haunted Town
Every Single Night at 8pm in September!
Our most haunted town features stories rich with ghosts and dark history. Stops include ~
The Angel Inn / Prince of Wales Hotel / The Courthouse / An ancient legend, the house that makes cameras go crazy and more!

Starts at The Haunted Shop at 126 Queen Street

Downtown Hamilton Ghost Walk
Downtown Hamilton Ghost Walks
Friday September 12th, 2014 at 8pm
Tour the streets and alleys as we guide you to stops outside the old Royal Connaught Hotel, Right House, Hamilton Place, Whitehern Mansion, and a connection that may have put the world's most infamous killer in Hamilton, plus more!

Starts in front of the Royal Connaught at King & John Sts CLICK TO RESERVE YOUR SPOTS!

Custom House Ghost Hunt Ghost Walks inside The Custom House
Saturday September 13th, 2014 - 8 / 8:30 & 9p
The home of Hamilton's oldest and most active ghost,
The Dark Lady! Tour takes you to the most haunted hotspots and introduces you to the ghosts of a dark history. Stops in the gallery, attic, basement and all spots in between.

Free Parking, Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate & A/C all included!

Tarot Readings at The Haunted Shop The Haunted Shop's Tarot Readings
This Wednesday September 3rd from 3p to 8p!
Step into The Haunted Shop of Niagara-on-the-Lake for a traditional Tarot Reading.

Each card's unique astrological and numeric significance will be used to gain insight, clarity, and achieve control over issues in your life with relationships, changes, family, career, health, spirituality, dreams and more.

Happens at The Haunted Shop at 126 Queen Street

Interactive Calendar and Private Walks
Interactive Calendar of Haunted Hamilton Events Calendar of all Walks, Hunts & Events
See all of our Ghost Walks, Hunts, Bus Trips and Dark History Tours Check out our Calendar of Events, everything we do meets in one easy spot.
Private Event booking graphic Book your Private Event
Do you have a group of folks? Want a date or time that isn't available? Then submit a quote for a private Ghost Walk, Hunt, Dark History Tour, Bus Trip or customized tour!
We've done private events for...
  • Schools
  • Corporate Events/Parties
  • Personal Parties/Gatherings
  • And more!

A unique entertainment for your next event!

Recent Feature Articled
Friday the 13th HH's Friday the 13th
The day is Friday the 13th, November, in the year 1868, and Italian composer Gioachino Rossini is dying of pneumonia in Paris, France. No last-minute cure will come and no amazing doctor will swoop in to save the day.
Doors Open Haunted Hamilton Doors Open Haunted Hamilton
Doors Open Hamilton is part of the inititive for history beginning in France in 1984, and a big part of the history of any building is its ghosts!
Theatre Aquarius Theatre Aquarius
Theatre Aquarius was built not long ago, back in 1991. Another newer theatre building that proves theatres are more haunted than any other structure. READ THE ARTICLE NOW

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HH Message Board
2 Haunted Hamilton Facebook pages!

Haunted Hamilton Ghost Walks & Events Fan Page
Like Us to see ghost walk and event announcements & updates. Also featuring updates for contests, ghost stories, YouTube videos and much more.

  Official Haunted Hamilton Paranormal Group Discussion
Join to openly talk about everything ghostly. This discussion group page is perfect for all haunted happenings, talking to like-minded folks and can even help with forming your own group by connecting you with the right folks.

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